Top 10 Characters On TV That Have Been Destroyed By Their Own Makers

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Niti Taylor As Nandini Murthy Of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan

When a show starts, the characters of the show shaped then, defines what sort of the character it is. The way they react to situations in their surroundings defines if it is a strong character with a mind of its own or the one with no brains. As time passes by, there is scope for improvement in the character. However, it gives us a lot of pain to see a character getting destroyed over time. Instead of growth, the characters illogically deteriorate. In memory of the same, we bring to you the top 10 characters on TV that have/had been destroyed by their own makers.

Roshni Of Jamai Raja
Roshni Of Jamai Raja

Roshini Patel – Roshini was a sensible, independent girl at the start of the show who had a mind of her own. However, recently in the show, all we see her doing is cry all the time, try to become the queen of sacrifice and behave like a brainless bimbo.

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  1. It is gul khan and 4 lions loss to have destroyed aahil character in qubool hai. Karanvir bohra is a versatile and very talented actor and fans liked him from beginning till the end. Trp has decreased since aahil death and fans have quit watching qubool hai. The leap in a completely new style will not help gain trp.


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