Top 10 Moments In Bigg Boss 7 House

Bigg Boss 7
Gauahar Khan Wins Bigg Boss 7
Bigg Boss 7
Bigg Boss 7

The journey inside the Bigg Boss house is nothing short of a high voltage roller coaster ride. Contestants face drama, love, friendship, fights and most importantly Bigg Boss’ tasks. Let’s have a look at some of the most unforgettable moments of Bigg Boss Season 7.

1. Electric Shock to Pratyusha and Ratan Rajput Doused In Cow Dung

Bigg Boss 7
Electric Shock to Pratyusha and Ratan Rajput Doused In Cow Dung

The females inside the Bigg Boss house seemed to have an agenda this year. Whether it was defying the men, standing out, taking a stand or voicing their opinions, the females have done it all. However, these two females in particular take the cherry on top for doing the unthinkable. During a Simon Says sort of task, both Pratyusha Banerjee and Ratan Rajput showed the world what they are truly made off. While Pratyusha was given a series of electric shocks to earn points for her team, fellow contestant Ratan Rajput was doused in cow dung. Both housemates kindly obliged and suffered the consequences, making them true female warriors.


2. Apoorva Shaves Head While Shilpa Rebels

Bigg Boss 7
Apoorva Shaves Head While Shilpa Rebels

Apoorva Agnihotri, known for his calm nature and friendly attitude did the unthinkable when he agreed to shave his head off for points during a task. While initially he thought that Bigg Boss will not proceed with the task, he remained cool and composed when his beautiful locks were gravitating towards the floor. His wife, contestant Shilpa Agnihotri, however lost her cool and began throwing things around the house resulting in a penalty cut from the luxury budget.


3. Kushal and Tanisha’s Face-off

Bigg Boss 7
Kushal and Tanisha’s Face-off

These two never seemed to get along after the first couple of weeks but things went haywire when their battle became a bit too person. During the Bigg Box task, Kushal Tandon threw ash and trash on Tanisha Mukherji, who was calling him names. When she finally emerged from the box, she pushed him out of frustration further escalating the issue.
4. Jannat and Jahannum Merge

Bigg Boss 7
Jannat and Jahannum Merge

The earth shattered, housemates were held captive and suddenly everything went pitch black. Moments later, audiences were let in on a secret, Jahannum had vanished. When the housemates discovered this, they were happy. Not only were everyone able to live together now but they were also able to enjoy the modern ammonites that Jahannum failed to provide. Kushal Tandon was finally able to shave and Sangram Singh was able to use the gym. It was indeed a miracle.


5. Andy’s Claim of Being Manhandled

Bigg Boss 7
Andy’s Claim of Being Manhandled

After Tanisha, it was VJ Andy who irked Kushal Tandon. During a task where Andy was basically the invisible man, housemates were asked to disregard his every action. However, Gauahar Khan was disturbed when she discovered Andy playing with her under garments to seek her attention. When she voiced her concern with Kushal Tandon, he reacted by attacking Andy. As a result, Kushal was asked to leave the house immediately, followed by Gauhar’s self eviction and her decision to leave along with him while holding each other’s hands together.


6. Armaan and Sofia Fight

Bigg Boss 7
Armaan and Sofia Fight

Sofia Hayat voiced her opinion at every step since her wild card entry. When she raised a mop and not her voice, Armaan Kohli was disturbed. An already angered Armaan became enraged when Sofia picked up a mop and aimed it at the hood of a car in order to provoke the passengers to come out of the car. In the process, Armaan Kohli hit and bruised Sofia with the mop, later resulting in an FIR against him. The case went so far that he was taken from the Bigg Boss house by local police just a few days before the finale. He was later bailed out and entered the house again.


7. Kamya and Sangram Make Guinness World Record

Bigg Boss 7
Kamya and Sangram Make Guinness World Record

Wrestler Sangram Singh and Television’s strongest villain Kamya Punjabi displayed their heroic traits when they locked themselves in a box for over 48 hours. The Bigg Box task asked them to remain in the box until only one person is left. In turn the person would be the captain of the house. Kamya and Sangram fought until the last minute, giving up together after breaking the world record set by British contestants of the Big Brother series.
8. Kushal Re-enters

Bigg Boss 7
Kushal Re-enters

After Kushal Tandon’s discharge from the house, fans voiced their opinion on the injustice inside the house. They were unwilling to accept that Kushal was thrown out without a proper cause and explanation while others went unpunished. After a three week long stand from Gauahar Khan and fans, Kushal Tandon was brought back into the house in the ’Badtameez Dil Style’. Upon his return he was welcomed by all but the warmest welcome came from Kamya Punjabi and his very own Gauahar Jaan (Gauhar Khan).


9. Salman Khan’s Bashing

Bigg Boss 7
Salman Khan’s Bashing

Salman Khan known as the professor of Bigg Boss, was under a lot of pressure this year. He was portrayed as biased and unfair by viewers mainly for one reason. Every weekend, he got on stage and targeted Kushal Tandon. He pointed out Kushal’s mistakes and flaws, leaving all his good unmentioned. He further continued to ignore the violence Armaan Kohli was spreading in the house, causing both housemates and fans to feel he was biased. There was hardly any weekend when #unfairsalman did not trend.


10. Kushal Proposes Gauahar

Bigg Boss 7
Kushal Proposes Gauahar

“I love you very very much and I want to grow old with you.” Didn’t this just melt your heart? How could it not have. Bigg Boss 7 gave the world India’s most romantic couple of 2013, Kushal Tandon and Gauahar Khan. Although rumors about their love being only for the show spread, their action proved otherwise. Gauahar and Kushal’s ‘Akele aaye the jaayenge saath saath’ attitude wowed the audience. While Kushal takes a stand for Gauahar, Gauahar walks out of the house with him. When Kushal is blamed in his absence, Gauahar still stands up for him in the house. When one is sad the other cries, when one smiles the other is filled with joy. Truly a beautiful love story.

May be this tremendous strength between them made one of them the winner, which eventually makes them both the winner of Bigg Boss Saath 7!

Bigg Boss 7
Gauahar Khan Wins Bigg Boss 7

These were a few sparkling moments among the many that stole our hearts away or made us think. Which one among the top ten moments is your favourite? Share with us only on Fuze.

Author: Diana Lydia

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