Top 10 Performers Of The Week!


Yet again we are back with the performers list this week. With the names of those actors who leave no stone upturned in proving their might as one of the best performers and actors we have in the television industry right now.

They keep proving time and again that they have such big fan following for a reason and its not all in the air. They are genuinely loved for what they bring on screen for the viewers and how much satisfaction they give the and fans by making it all worth it.

It’s very difficult to maintain consistency in a daily soap, however, our actors keep challenging themselves every time to grow as an actor, creative and a performer, because that’s what helps them do good work and give consistent impressive performances.

Here we go with this week’s performances list, don’t be surprised by some usual consistent names, they deserve to be here.

Jennifer Winget In Beyhadh
Jennifer Winget In Beyhadh

Jennifer Winget (Maya Mehrotra- Beyhadh)

Maya as a character is complex. It’s difficult to understand her and her temperaments. She is not an easy character to play or understand, but Jennifer aces her performance in every episode. She makes us live and connect to Maya, her fears, her vulnerability, her strengths, her intimidation, her sadistic pleasures. It’s the way she portrays Maya that makes it easy for viewers to understand her actions and make sense of it. Playing such complex characters needs delicate, detailed and effortless portrayal. Had someone else be doing this role, Maya wouldn’t have been as appealing and intriguing as she is because of Jennifer.

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