Top 15 Most Popular Online Shows : Ranked According To Their Daily Tweet Values – DECEMBER UPDATE


In this December update, we have with us the top 15 shows of the month that went by. These 15 shows were the most popular online shows of the last month, meaning that people had kept on tweeting about these shows in large numbers.

This time, we see an upsurge in the number of tweets. The tweet values have surmounted, in some cases even doubled. Reasons might be the constant engagement of the followers of the TV shows with regard to the various polls conducted online or it might be the numerous trends that fans conducted. Whatever it may be, the results might surprise you.

Here have a look at the top 15 shows of the last month ranked according to their daily tweet values.

Please note that the values are approximate, not definite and they refer to the average number of tweets gathered by a particular hashtag on a daily basis over the period of last one month. So here we go.

Kundali Bhagya
Kundali Bhagya

RANK 15 : Kundali Bhagya

On rank 15 we have Zee TV’s Kundali Bhagya. This show had been on a trend the whole month which shows that its followers were constantly engaged.

On average, the hashtag of the show #KundaliBhagya amassed around 150 tweets daily.

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