Top 20 Best Insta Clicks Of Vikram Singh Chauhan – PHOTO FEATURE!

Vikram Singh Chauhan
Vikram Singh Chauhan

Star Plus’ latest heartthrob on the block Vikram Singh Chauhan a.k.a Atharv Sujata from Jana Na Dil Se Door has come a long way in his career through this show.

The actor gained immense popularity from Channel V’s Million Dollar Girl, however, It was Atharv’s character that gave a push to his fan following . Today he not only caters to the teen audience, but is known and loved by the mass audience as well.

He has grown as an actor and doing a stupendous job in his current show. And of course his on screen chemistry with his co star Shivani Surve is also being appreciated and loved a lot.

It’s never easy to please the mass in such a short time. Very few are lucky to get such kind of appreciation and popularity and also maintain it.

Vikram is proving to be a real great asset for the show and also now is among the best actors we have in the current lot of actors in the industry.

Here are the top best Insta clicks of the actor and one can’t help, but drool at him all the way!

Vikram Singh Chauhan
Vikram Singh Chauhan

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