Top 3 Instances That Prove Divyanka Tripathi Loves Adventure!

Divyanka tripathi
Divyanka Tripathi

She is funny, she is creative, she is adorable, she is an actress par excellence, she is fondly called as “Expressions Queen” by her fans but she is not just the queen of expressions. She is the “Adventure Queen” as well. Oh Yes, we are talking about none other than, the very beautiful and extremely talented, Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya.

Divyanka absolutely loves adventures and we all know that! She is someone who is always up for an adventure. On television, we see so many actresses refuse to enact a scene that involves jumping from a cliff or even falling from a staircase scenes and demand a body double for the same but we bet, if Divyanka is asked to jump from a building for a scene, she would happily do that. Wait! Let’s picture the scene. Suppose, the director of the show comes to Divyanka and tells her about the upcoming scene that involves jumping from a building, we are sure, this would be the conversation between Divyanka and the director.

Uh.. Divyanka, there’s a sequence where your character has to jump from the fortieth floor.. and we are thinking of using a body double.. you just give us some close-up’s. Okay?”

Why?” asked a confused Divyanka.

What why?” questioned a super confused director.

I can do it myself. Why trouble a body double?” Divyanka grinned with excitement while the director looked on amazed. “It’s gonna be fun!” She rubbed her hands in glee.

Pictured her excited expressions? The wide grin on her face? Yeah, that’s how much Divyanka loves adventure!

Let’s look at the three instances when Divyanka got to do some real action as Ishita Bhalla and she perfected it.

Divyanka Tripathi Rides The Bus

1- Divyanka riding a bus – It was the most amazing action sequence on the Indian television and Divyanka simply nailed it. She actually drove the bus and also did the jumping from the moving bus scene, herself. Of course, safety precautions were taken but still, it’s courageous of her to do that. And what a scene that turned out to be! Just brilliant. May it be the reflection of fear and helplessness in her body language or in her expressions, her superb dialogue delivery or the way she drove the bus, Divyanka was absolutely outstanding in every aspect. It’s one of the unforgettable scene of Ye Hai Mohabbatein. The sequence was inspired by Hollywood’s blockbuster hit, Speed, starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock but we must say, we enjoyed the desi version more, credits to Divyanka!

2- Divyanka jumping off a cliff – In the scene, Ishita was being pushed off from the cliff by Raman but off-screen, Divyanka was actually hanging mid air with the help of a harness until the perfection of the scene. The height of the cliff was enough to scare you and give goosebumps but Divyanka loved doing that scene as for her, it was an adventurous break from the rona-dhona scenes.

3- Divyanka and the Crocodile fight – One of the sequences that kept the audiences at the edge of their seats, even after knowing that the crocodile was not the real one. But, water was real and so was the struggle to maintain the balance inside the water. Making that scene look real on-screen was a task and it was successfully completed by Divyanka and behind the scenes team.

Divyanka loves doing adventurous scenes and we love to watch her doing those scenes, of course with erratic heartbeats’.

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