Top 3 Jodis From TV Who Were Closest To Reality in 2016!

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The television serials we watch are somewhat inspired from the day to day life events that the writer of the show sees around. That is one of the main reason, we connect with the shows and it’s characters. We see ourselves doing the same or reacting the same way a character did and we feel a connect.

So, let’s check out top 3 TV jodis of 2016 that were closest to reality.

Raman And Ishita
Raman And Ishita

1- Ishita – Raman : The current track of Ye Hai Mohabbatein is definitely relatable to all the parents out there who have a teenage daughter.

Raman being a protective father has declared that his daughter, Ruhi is way too small for the matters of love and he will break the face of the guy who will try to harm his daughter in any way while Ishita is being an understanding mother is trying to make Raman understand that he needs to give some space to Ruhi if he doesn’t wants her to hide things from them and that, he can’t just go ahead and break every guy’s face because someday, their daughter will fall in love and they will have to understand her.

But, Raman is worried for Ruhi and so is Ishita but, she trusts that Ruhi won’t lie to them. We are sure, most of the parents must be facing or must have faced the same situation in real also.

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