Top 5 Characters To Look Forward To In This 2017!

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2017 is here and everyone is setting new goals, resolutions and targets for this year. Avid TV viewers are also setting expectations and are eagerly looking forward to their favorite characters.

Today, we have picked Top 5 Characters to look forward to in 2017 and our expectations from them.

Shivaay And Anika In Ishqbaaz
Shivaay And Anika In Ishqbaaz

1. Shivaay Singh Oberoi:

2017 is here and with that Mr. Bhagad Billa seems to be more adorable and cute than ever. In the first episode of 2017, SSO has touched different chords in viewers’ hearts with his care and affection for Anika.

The fights between them were always cute but now the level of cuteness has reached new heights.

What we look forward from him:

It will be very interesting to see him showing his care and attention for Anika even in the presence of Tia and her universe.

We think more “O jaana” moments are on their way. The husband in Shivaay is slowly coming out and in coming episodes we hope Mr. Shivaay will be more Mr. Husband.

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  1. All we, the fandom of KRPKAB want that Dev shouldn’t be a spineless husband. He can worship his mother, but should stand up for his wife too. So many men do that; pacify the mother but support the wife too. The metamorphosis in Dev should come as a balanced human being.


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