Top 5 Moments Of Drashti Dhami In Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka!


Since the Silsila Badaltein Rishton Ka (SBRK) premiered, many are wondering if the show is worth a watch.

Here’s our top 5 reasons for loving the show and the performances of Drashti Dhami, that will capture your heart.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka

1) The Runaway Bride:

Ok ok don’t get me wrong, she isn’t like the Nandini from Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, who wants to run away from her husband because of a past love, instead our TV runaway bride wants to run away from her abusive husband.

Almost all the episodes this week have captured the cruelty, misogyny, deprivation and degradation of her husband Rajdeep that makes Nandini’s life a living hell.

Instead of protecting his wife from the disgusting eyes and advances of his clients, he constantly peddles her looks and body for monetary or other advantages.

Who in their right minds wouldn’t want to run away from such verbal, physical, financial and emotional abuse that Nandini has to suffer daily?

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  1. Hi Nivedita Superb article and also ❤ng your replies to the comments given very matured, sensible & unbiased. Drashti whatever role she has donned starting from Dr Muskaan to Nandini she has portrayed each character with Elan & Grace to Perfection, don’t know why people judge DD without watching her acting. Drashti is portraying as Nandini to fullest her Xprssns are Impeccable without Dialogues she is conveying with such conviction it leaves us speechless. Whenever she portrays a character D becomes that very naturally & effectively. Her chemistry with each character is totally awesomely magical, with her best friend Mauli is mindblowing brings tears to our eyes. SilsilaBadalteRishtonKa is about relationships not only husband & wife, 2 childhood best friends, Mauli’s MIL’s relationship with her MIL trying to show how ‘Time can change any Best of relationships’. Why people are confusing with extra marital only nobody can face reality, Nobody can glorify truth, if people show kidnapping that doesn’t mean they are glorifying it, why can’t you just watch with maturity and appreciate their portrayal. They show it in movies also that doesn’t mean they are glorifying it. Thank U for a wonderful article once again🙏👏🙌👍😘.

  2. A show glorifying an extra-marital affair with the bhakts of the actress in question justifying her!!!!

    I hope every girl justifying Nandini gets a cheating husband!!!

    • Shaina I understand your dislike for the show. They are certainly treading a very controversial ground.

      Relationships are hard work and I hope the show focuses on that instead of an alleged affair. Nothing in the plot currently glorifies any affair.

      But I understand your sentiments completely. I wouldn’t have watched the show if not for work because like you I do not like the concept of an extramarital affair.

      But the show has more to it than what has been advertised.


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