TV Actors : Top 5 Most Popular ‘Non Angry Young Men’ On TV Who Are Youth Favourites!

TV Jodis
Jennifer Winget And Gautam Rode From Saraswatichandra

Television is always filled with male lead characters who are harsh, brooding, always temperamental and having major anger management issues on screen. Whereas, such characters are interesting for their unpredictable nature, there are some other men too who became favourites of their fans due to their soft, romantic and for being extremely nice. In short, these guys have been ideal in every way. They are flawless and they make you feel as if you are simply dreaming while seeing them. Today we thought of going through those men who became sensations for their simplicity and goodness.

TV Jodis
Saras And Kumud From Saraswatichandra

Gautam Rode As Saras Of Saraswatichandra

Gautam Rode as Saras of Seraswatichandra became an instant hit among the audience owing to the character’s soft spoken and subtle nature. His love for Kumud never ceased and neither Saras was ever seen in the typical angry mode of television’s regular ‘angry young man’. In fact, this was one character which came with a fresh fee during the era of 2013-14, when television was ruled by several ‘angry young men’.

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