Top 5 Shows That Had The Best Start In First Week Of January 2017!

TV Shows
TV Shows

Someone rightly said, time flies by way too fast. It’s already been a week since we entered 2017. WOW! Happy 2nd Monday of the new year, everyone!

Hope, you guys had a great start. But can we hope the same for our television serials? Was it a great start for them as well? What were the high points, twists, turns that kept the audience glued to their television screens in the first week of the year?

Let’s check out the top 5 shows that had the best start in the first week of 2017.


1• Beyhadh

The first week of 2017 for Sony TV’s Beyhadh was really exciting, full of high points, gripping and off course, beautiful Mauritius!

It started off with Maya saving Arjun from getting drowned in the ocean. Then Saanjh’s heart break as Arjun proposed Maya under the ocean and ended with a shocked family upon knowing about Arjun and Maya.

The scene, where Maya goes alone to save Arjun, despite of the fact that, she does not know how to swim, kind of makes way for the next scene. It makes sense why all of a sudden Arjun realized that Maya is someone special and he proposed her.

Also, after saving Arjun, Maya asked Arjun to do as she says and just follow wherever she takes him. Arjun literally followed her and walked on her footsteps. The scene symbolised Maya’s control on Arjun’s life, his actions and even his thoughts.

And we also got to see the consequences of “Beyhadh” pyaar of Maya. Poor Pandit ji had to pay the price for his bhavishyavani.

In short, it was a great start for Beyhadh in 2017.

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