Top 7 Reasons Why Surbhi Chandna And Anika Made Ishqbaaaz So Enjoyable And Memorable!


“Aap ek baat bataiye, aap Oberoi khandaan mein paida hue hain to ismein aapka kya kamaal hai? Kis baat ka attitude hai? Aap koi apni marzi se iss bade ghar mein paida nahi hue hain. Yeh teer nahin, tukka hai, ittefaq hai, lottery hai. Mera naam, meri pehchaan, mera wajood, meri mehnat ki kamaayi hai. Aur aapka naam, aapki pehchaan aur aapka wajood sirf lottery hai. Aur guroor, mehnat ki kamaayi par kiya jaata hai, lottery par nahin. Mujhe sirf apne Anika hone pe faqr hai!”

That was Anika for you! Remember these lines she uttered while taking away her first pay cheque from Shivaay? Probably that day she defined herself the best and we admired her the most. From this day, the journey of ‘Anika sirf Anika’ had actually begun. And Surbhi Chandna did just a perfect job in bringing this livewire of a character alive on screen.

Since 2 days now, Twitter and Instagram has been flooded with messages from Ishqbaaaz fans ever since reports were published that talked about a leap in Ishqbaaaz without Surbhi Chandna as the lead.

#NoSurbhiNoIshqbaaaz was trending on twitter and not just in India but internationally as well.

Here are the top 8 reasons why we love and adore Surbhi Chandna in Ishqbaaaz.


1) Khidkitod Anika:

All fans and many non-fans of Ishqbaaaz think that no one could have portrayed Anika so effortlessly, adorably and charmingly as Surbhi Chandna.

The main reason why many viewers started watching Ishqbaaaz was because Anika was a woman who didn’t care about the social status, name, money or family background of Shivaay Singh Oberoi aka SSO.

Despite SSO’s money, name and power she dared to stand up against him, when she saw any injustice or unfair behavior from his end in the initial Ishqbaaaz days.

We remember the memorable scene from the first episode where Anika in her Khidkitod-ness smashed SSO’s car and gave back the money he had so insolently slapped on to her when she had complained about him for breaking the temple queue.

Without Surbhi’s awesome acting, which went hand in hand with the fearless Anika’s characterization, this Khidkitod Anika would not be mourned so much right now by the fans as the news of her not being in the show is taking hold.

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  1. Thanks for the article Nivedita….the reasons why SC was picture perfect for Annika aren’t seven but uncountable….Annika has been khidkitod coz SC is khidkitod herself…there can be never be anybody like her…this may be a heartbreaking time but assuming whatever happens, happens for the best, could be a blessing in disguise for the most talented actress on the itv…she deserves a producer and a writer who understands her worth…
    Would love Fuze to revisit some of its articles on her…
    Donno how things unfold in next few days but if SC moves away, it’s only the channel’s and the show’s loss…
    P. S. The fandom deserves a big pat on the back for the way they have rallied behind their favorite 👏👏
    Kudos to everyone

    • I agree dear. The fandom is doing great! Let’s hope for the best and keep the hate to a minimum.


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