Top 7 Weird Things That TV’s Popular Male Leads Did To Win Back Their Lady Love

TV's Popular Male Leads
Arjun Purvi - Consummation Scene

Who says chivalry is dead? Well it may be on the verge of extinction in real life but thanks to our dashing men on television, there is hope that chivalry can be revived. These men have done some wild things to impress their ladies and we don’t mean in the roadside Romeo manner. If you do not believe us, take a look for yourself at the seven weird things that TV’s popular male leads did to win back their lady love.

TV's Popular Male Leads
Arjun Purvi

Arjun Of Pavitra Rishta (Rithvik Dhanjani)

When Arjun of Pavitra Rishta was challenged by his mother-in-law to prove his worth as an independent being, he took on the age old profession of being a mechanic to impress the ladies. Like his father-in-law, he worked hard to provide an earnest living and show Archana and Purvi that his big shot name means nothing to him.



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