Top 10 Fittest Telly Actors In Today’s Time! – MALE

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Today’s television demands a good body along with the required set of acting skills. Gone are the days when telly stars would not care much about their body and health.

Now, every other actor has a daily regimen, gym sessions and other habits to keep themselves fit.

They hit it hard on the treadmills to achieve the perfect bodies looking at which onscreen, many fans can’t stop drooling.

Here we present top 10 fittest actors of T-town!

Rajeev Khandelwal

Rajeev Khandelwal

This is one actor that even the czarina of Tellywood Ekta Kapoor find hot.

Rajeev Khandelwal puts in a lot of emphasis on staying fit and it shows in his screen presence as well.

Apart from the gym workouts, the actor also a pro in headstand and loves to swim.

On any day, if he is unable to hit the gym or do his quota of workout, he picks up a skipping rope and does 10,000 jumps! No kidding.

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  1. Lol from what angle Nakul Mehta and Parth Samthan look fit… you need to watch their current shows to see how they actually look like
    and both look like kids opposite their heroines, at least Nakuls beard makes him look a bit mature but Parth absolutely looks like he is Erica’s younger brother


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