Top 9 Things About The Adi-Zoya Switcheroo And Unusual Plot Turns In Bepannaah


9) Farak Padta Hai-Zoya’s hidden feelings and Aditya’s straight talk:

Thankfully despite quite a lot of misses with Aditya’s confession, that was frustrating the fans, Thursday’s episode had the best writing for Aditya and Zoya. The writers finally explained why Zoya has been behaving quite uncharacteristically.

Adi was quite right that like how he had run away from his feelings for Zoya previously, now Zoya is running away from her deeply hidden feelings for Adi. She is definitely more afraid to explore her feelings because Yash’s betrayal had shattered her more deeply than she cared to admit.


Each and every line of Adi was so well written and quite brilliantly acted by Harshad Chopda in the Thursday episode. Harshad Chopdas’s every expression was intense, dialogue delivery soul searing, and acting mesmerizing. And top it off the passionate JenShad interaction was the best one between the two in the story so far.

As an added bonus we also got back the old background song of Bepannaah back, which is a more passionate and pulsating score than the second one. We hope this music track stays in the plot going forward.

Zoya of course cares so much about Adi and was upset when Adi got hit by Arshad, but Friday’s precap is a bit disappointing, as Zoya still seems to be in denial about her feelings for Adi. But we do hope we will see a Yash-Zoya interaction soon that will help her realize about her love for Adi.

We are also hoping that the engagement of Zoya and Arshad won’t continue for long, because we feel Arshad might be slowly realizing what Zoya feels for Adi, even if Zoya isn’t admitting those feelings herself.

And like the gem of an episode that we got this Thursday, we hope the future ones will be as brilliantly written, and the loopholes all explained away soon.


  1. Exactly!!!

    Zoya was anyways going to Bharatnagar and would have gotten caught in the riots!!!

    As for Arshad, he actually did a favour by sending him to the hospital!!!

    During riots there would be multiple casualties and you need the doctor at the hospital at that time!!!!

    The whole blame game on Adi is not making sense!!!!

    Even I loved Zoya defending Adi!!!!

    Adi’s confession was fantastic!!!!

    But Zoya is currently being very annoying!!!!

    Just because she is angry at Adi, she is marrying Arshad!!!!

    On television when they get a love triangle, the mystery goes out of the window!!!!

    Why are the writers so obssessed with love triangles??

    The sleezy boss of Noor plot is the most rubbish plot!!!!

    They should either have her working at the radio station again or at Zosh events!!!!

    Else I am very afraid what my sister used to say might come true!!!

    My sister used to say hero’s sister in movies have only one function – get raped or get raped and die (reference tp 80’s and 90’s movies)!!!!

    If that is what this show is heading towards then it is not a good plot!!!!

    As it is we rarely get ArNoor scenes and with this more time is being wasted and it is leading to further reduction of ArNoor scenes!!!!


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