Top 9 Things About The Adi-Zoya Switcheroo And Unusual Plot Turns In Bepannaah


The last one few weeks of Bepannaah has been quite interesting for the Bepannaah fans, as fans were anticipating and waiting eagerly for a romantic proposal from Adi to Zoya.

The riots related incidents also raised fans hopes that Zoya might finally understand her feelings for Adi, when he got injured.

But for a while ever since the leap, all that had been interesting about Bepannaah has started crumbling bit by bit over the weeks, with some logic leaps that are decreasing the shows TRP.

Here’s a look at the top 9 things that we fans are liking or disliking about the recent episodes:


1) Adi’s prank call:

We wondered why Adi was feeling so guilty about his prank call, which of course the later plots clarified. Nonetheless Adi’s guilt was overly done, as was his inability to tell the truth to Zoya and Arshad.

Firstly, even if his prank call hadn’t happened Zoya would have gone to Bharatnagar to distribute the Biryani to the residents there. So Zoya getting in danger in Bharatnagar was an inevitable and unavoidable outcome.

Secondly, how would Adi have anticipated that the Hospital where Arshad works would also get affected by the riot crowd? Plot wise it’s a major flaw, first Adi feeling guilty and second all the subsequent misunderstanding drama that is being shown in the story.

This drop in IQ of the story’s plot is seriously making fans question why they should watch this show? Especially because one main USP of Bepannaah during its inception was its amazingly well balanced Adi-Zoya interactions and well thought out plot.

We hope someone in the writing team wakes up soon and starts writing plots that were meaningful, heartfelt and logical, like the pre-leap plots.

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  1. Agree 100% about what u said. Quite a good catch you made about sending Arshad to the hospital, it was indeed a blessing in disguise.

    I don’t mind if Zoya’s uncharacteristic behaviour at Adi had a better reasoning for her being mad at him.
    Yes she is running away from her feelings for Adi, but this is highly immature and a bit silly.

    They need better scenarios for all charcters. Currently only Adi and Roshnak seems to have a good chracterization. And Mr. Siddiqui is being consistent too..
    Rest all seem ruined.


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