Top Holiday Restaurants in New York For Christmas Eve

christmas restaurant
christmas restaurant
christmas restaurant
christmas restaurant

Top Holiday Restaurants in New York For Christmas Eve

The holiday season brings with it, merriment, good wishes and a reason to spend time with your family. Why then must you slave hours in the kitchen making the perfect Christmas meal and be the one to miss out? Thankfully, the busiest city in the world has some kind and considerate people who are open to customers on Christmas Day. Let us have a look at some of the top restaurants in New York that are open on Christmas Day.

Buca de Bippo

If you want that hearty Christmas feel, this is the restaurant for you. Decked out in Christmas cheer, Buca de Bippo, located at 1540 Broadway, carries a homely Italian ambiance. The restaurant provides holiday trays which include classics such as Turkey and Gravy, Spicy Italian Sausage, Garlic mashed potatoes, green beans and whole berry cranberry sauce. The location provides full service from Christmas Eve all through the New Year. A prior notice of at least 48 hours is required for the entire meal and prices are fixed at $150 for 10 people.

Good Enough to Eat

When it comes to the Christmas spirit, this next restaurant has it all. The lights, the cameras, the action. Located just minutes from the most viewed Christmas Tree, Good Enough to Eat, is the perfect place to dine in the city on Christmas Day. For the first time in 30 years, the venue is also providing pick up service for customers who wish to dine at home. An assortment of holiday favorites such as Schatzie’s Herb Roasted Fresh Turkey, Baked Salmon with Mustard Sauce and Scalloped Sweet Potatoes will be prepared for pickup on Christmas Eve prior to 5 pm.


Likewise, Raymi on E 24th street is brining in Christmas with a Turkey or Pork dinner ranging from $200 to $300 for a party of 10. The succulent main dishes will be served with a side of homemade classics such as bacon, Brussels sprouts, baked or mashed potatoes among other winter favorites.

Epicerie Boulud

If you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, go for this next place. Epicerie Boulud, located at 1900 Broadway, is a classic French restaurant which offers up the sweeter side for fine dining. With main dishes such as  Grass-Fed Beef Wellington with Sauce Périgueux and Dover Sole Newburg stuffed with Lobster, Mushrooms and Leeks, Epicerie Boulud provides an assortment of chocolates, cakes and the famous Gingerbread Caddy containing the traditional gingerbread house.

OddFellows Ice cream Co

Another option for those with a sweet tooth is to head to 175 Kent in Brooklyn. The OddFellows Ice cream Co. Which is known for its versatile favors of ice cream is offering cakes this Christmas. The special order ice cream cake features a spiced gingerbread ice cream, layered with orange and olive oil cake, spiced cherries, and ginger crumbs, then sprayed with chocolate and garnished with gingerbread men cookies. Orders can be picked up as late as Christmas Eve.

Author: Diana Lydia


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