Top Ten Signs That Prove You Are A Surbhi Chandna Fanatic!

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Beautiful and bubbly Surbhi Chandna has managed to carve her niche on television after showcasing what a harbor of talent she is.

Having made her major screen debut as ‘Haya’ in Qubool Hai, a breakthrough advancement in her career was when she graced the screens with her jalwa, as Anika in Star Plus’ Ishqbaaz.

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With now Anika being known as a household name, this khidkitod khoobsurat lass is ruling the hearts of many as well. Of course we do identify her jabra fans amidst the crowd of fandoms. If you wish to read your tareef, let’s tell you how –

1.The Deary Nicknames –

Well your darling Surbhi Chandna isn’t Surbhi for you. The immense love you have in your heart for her and her cute sa chehra has made you keep numerous nick names for her. Apparently, she’s ‘Surru’ , ‘Chandu’, ‘Shona’, ‘Chand’ or anything but Surbhi for you!

2. Your Immense Love For Her Vocabulary –

She has made you fall so hard for Anika and has made the character so real for you that you are deeply and insanely in love with her.

So much that you have imbibed a lot of her characteristics with her atrangi vocabulary topping the list.

It’s common to have people giving you a quizzical looks as you go on uttering words like khidkitod, michmichi etc in a single sentence. Also you spell boy as boi for sure!

3. Started To Love Zumba?

Even if you are a non dancer, since the day you have come to admire this beauty, you have had enough sneak peak into what Zumba looks like and you are willing to give this peppy dance form a try now!

4. Makeup For You Is Just A Lipstick-

Watching Surbhi so comfortable and amazing in her own skin and minimal makeup has made you a fan of only nude shades and the only thing you’d wear in makeup would be lovely and dark lip shades.

5. Mutual Hatred For The Designer Missy

There’s this 36 ka aankda of chandu fans with the show’s designer Shivani Shirali. Every time Surbhi’s looks are experimented with in the show, and God forbid if that turns out to be horrible (according to fans), poor Shivani has to bear the brunt big time!

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6. Looking Out For Her Style Statement –

Chandna’s fans are always out awaiting her single glance each time there’s a buzz about her attending an event or even a party.

Though ‘comfortable in casuals’ is their favourite’s belief, yet they are always on a spree going crazy when the lady makes it to events, looking beautiful as ever.

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7. You know what not to send her –

This sugar factory of a girl doesn’t have a sweet tooth and her jabra pankhas know this very well and hence it doesn’t rain chocolates or cakes but pizzas for her!

8. Patent Crazy Step – Any Doubts?

Watch the gif above and you’ll know what we are talking about. The moment you are super excited and happy, you now squeal with excitement just like the way your lady love does. Though her own patent, but Surbhi has even taken this ‘shake it like shammi’ style on screen too. No, no not lying baba, we’ve seen Anika doing that too!

9. Food And Chandna Are Relationship Goals For You –

Surbhi’s love for food isn’t hidden from anyone and the moment anyone mentions a foodie the only name that strikes your mind is Surbhi Chandna. Food and Chandna have a committed relationship like none.

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10. You Eagerly Wait For Your ‘Chand’ –

To top the list the thing you do the most is wait for this Eid-Ka-Chand to make an appearance on social media and bless your notifications with some khidkitod awesomeness, isn’t it?!

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  1. You are the bestest SC ❤❤ an absolute cutie pie and undoubtedly, the most phenomenal actress on tv right now


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