Tumhari Pakhi – Sachin Shroff Steals the Scene

Tumhari Pakhi
Tumhari Pakhi
Tumhari Pakhi
Tumhari Pakhi

After Iqbal Khan’s earth shattering performance of a guilt ridden Anshuman Rathore in Life OK’s Tumhari Pakhi, it is evident that the men of the show are out to prove a point. Television, which is primarily a female centered monopoly in India rarely sees the men in action, other than when they are pounding on an action packed punch.

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Straying away from the stereotypical male persona on screen last week Anshuman Rathore broke down in front of his family when he realized that Pakhi (Shraddha Arya) has left him forever. Although Anushman still confuses his love for his guilt, he is now aware of the place Pakhi has in his life.

Now with Pakhi on her way to Chitor, it is another male’s job to set things right. Being a proactive catalyst in the slowly emerging love story of Pakhi and Anshuman, Pakhi’s beloved jijosa, Girish (Sachin Shroff) has decided to set things right. He reaches the station in hope to convince Pakhi to stay back, not for Anshuman’s sake but for the sake of their son Ayaan, whom Pakhi considers to be her own son.

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Unfolding the truth behind Anshuman’s relentless nature, he pleads to Pakhi to take a stay for the man she loves and for the family she wishes to nurture with her honesty and good will.

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The highlight of the episode was Sachin Shroff and Shraddha Arya’s dialogue alluding to the oasis in the desert. While Pakhi refers to Anshuman’s love for her as a mirage in the hot and tempting desert, Girish uses the example of an oasis being a symbol of hope for a man pining for water in the treacherous desert heat.

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Sachin Shroff and Shraddha Arya executed the scene with immense conviction but it was Sachin Shroff who stole the show. His words flowed like water, striking one’s heart immediately.

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Girish is as convincing for Pakhi as Sachin Shroff is for the audience. Pakhi agrees to test the waters one final time and set things right. Tomorrow night, audiences will witness Pakhi’s return to the Rathore Mansion where she will challenge Tanya (Madhura Naik) to prove her worth as Anshuman’s prospective wife and Ayaan’s mother.

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