Turning Of Wheel In Ranvijay’s Life

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The fine threaded of relationship between Ratan and Veera is now becoming firmer with the blend of Ranvijay’s love care and affection. The search for Sampuran Singh has been a lesson to all of them. This time the festival of Holi has colored the souls of a mother-son-daughter trio who now need no one to complement.

After facing the fake cum wicked cum real world, Ranvijay along with the viewers of his age have learnt a strict lesson of life. The NRI couple, who selfishly planned to take disadvantage of Ranvijay’s innocence, is recognized at the army check and should be punished for their deed.

Now Ranvijay under the shade of Ratan’s care, Veera’s love and Nihal’s protection is happy to be back with his family. This phase of his life will be like a nightmare. However life has its own way of teaching-learning process to follow.

Meanwhile, Nihal has proved himself as a friendlier and trustworthy human being. Ratan has also been closer to Veera; emotionally, morally, physically and psychologically. The news of Ranvijay’s security has also relieved Chaiji with a sigh of relief. Her excitement can be seen starts distributing sweets within no time. After finding their children safe and secure, there shall always remain a worrisome feeling within any guardian.

After the entire fiasco it’s time to feed the empty tiresome stomach with some delicious Punjabi tadka. Hence they altogether headed towards a dhaba. Enjoying seldom moment after all what happened, turned food tastier than ever before as Veera is fed by her Veerji. As the two enjoy the family’s presence, the entire family decides to embark on a journey to Kila Raipur.

On the other hand, in Pritampur, someone tries to injure the horse that Nihal is going to ride in Gud-daud. The jealous ridden crosses all limits to destroy Nihal’s success and eventually the mute animal has to suffer. Soon Nihal, Ratan, Veera and Ranvijay reach Kila Raipur where various events are taking place.

The glimpses of Kila Raipur succeeds to wipe out bitter memories from the children’s’ mind as they soon mix with the colors of the atmosphere. Amidst this happiness Nihal receives the news of his horse’s injury from Rana that breaks him down. Blaming his misfortune, he goes to remove his name from the participant’s list, but Ratan does not want him to give up. As Ratan persuades Heer to make Nihal understand, still an injured horse cannot achieve its goal so easily.  So instead of taking part within the competition, Nihal, Veera and Ranvijay urge Ratan to take part in the tractor race. Unexpectedly, Ratan wins the race! If these two little chicks can win the hearts of a number of viewers nationwide, then it’s quite obvious for the mother to mark glory.

Author: Reshmi Goon Saha

Editor: A. Patel

Graphics & Banner: Sadia Ahmed


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