TV Actors And Couples Whom We Would Like To See In The Television Adaptations Of These Fairy Tales!

A fairy tale is a type of a short interaction that features fantasy characters such as fairies, dwarves, unicorns etc. Usually starting with “Once upon a time…” and ending with “happily ever after”, these stories make us wonder if such happy endings are always possible in real lives.

We all loved reading or listening to fairy tales when we were little. Be it the story of Cinderella getting her due respect back or Snow White getting saved by the Prince, the story of Alice’s Adventures or Rapunzel’s escape, fairy tales were everyone’s favourite books in our childhood. We all loved to escape into the fantasy world and always finish our story with a happy ending.

But ever wondered if some of them are adapted on the small-screen? Here we have 5 examples of TV actors and couples whom we would love to watch in the television adaptations of the mentioned fairy tales-

Alice In Wonderland – Helly Shah

Alice in wonderland is a fantasy novel written by Lewis Carroll which describes the story of a girl named Alice falling through a rabbit hole and entering to a world where animals could talk.

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This is the story of her imagination and how she escapes from the queen, making friends on her way.

Helly Shah could play the role of Alice. The dreamy girl Alice who is loving, gentle, courteous to all, trustful and “wildly curious” could be portrayed by her well on the small screen.

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