TV Actors Who Kept Their Marriages Hidden – In Pics

Paridhi Sharma and Tanmay Saxena

It is not uncommon for Bollywood actors to hide their marriage for popularity’s sake but now it seems as though the fad is being carried onto television. With the increasing pressure on television actors to attract a large fan base, more and more TV actors are keeping their married life a secret. Here are some recent actors who decided to keep their martial status under wraps.

Angad Hasija And Pari Hasija
Angad Hasija And Pari Hasija

Angad Hasija
During the time of Sapna Baabul Ka Bidaai, Angad Hasija managed to accumulate a large number of female fans. It was not until after the success of the show that he came clean about his martial status. The actor is a father to a sweet little daughter too.



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