TV Actors : Meet The Men On TV For Whom ‘I Love You’ Is An Alien Word!

TV Actors - Meet The Men On TV For Whom 'I Love You' Is An Alien Word!

Some times silence speaks more than words in love, but it is important to word out your feelings at times as there is no better feelings in the world than hearing your love profess his/her love to you. Men are known to be less expressive and they find it difficult to word out their love instead they all convey it through actions. Let’s meet our favorite men on TV for whom saying I love you is difficult than climbing Mt. Everest:

TV Actors
Raman Kumar Bhalla

Raman Bhalla (Yeh Hai Mohabbatein)

He is our angry young man of TV, but this Raavan Kumar has an emotional and shy side to him. He finds it so difficult to word the three magical words to Ishita that now one has to assume his angry sarcastic babbling to Ishita as him professing his love to her. In a way that’s the most endearing thing about Raman and Ishita’s relationship too.

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  1. Pram singh aka Randhir singh shekhawat in sadda haq just rocks !
    he is our mcp i.e Most caring person!!
    thanks #fusionproductions..
    would love to see more articles on sadda haq!!
    thanks once again!!


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