TV Actors : Meet The Successful Actors On TV Who Never Did Act In Typical Saas Bahu Sagas

Successful TV Actors Who Never Did Saas Bahu Soaps
Successful TV Actors Who Never Did Saas Bahu Soaps

It is a fact very commonly known that TV industry is ruled by saas-bahus sagas which is quite popular among the viewers. Over the years, producers like Ekta Kapoor, Rajan Shahi have come up with shows which were typical saas-bahu sagas and are till date enjoyed by the viewers immensely. As a consequence of the popularity of such shows, many TV actors and actresses, who have now become a popular TV star, have made their career.

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However, there have been several other actors who have made a name for themselves and are currently termed as successful without working in any saas-bahu sagas ever. They are ruling the hearts of the viewers by starring in shows that are non saas bahus and are of other genres. We bring to you five successful actors on TV who never acted in typical saas bahu sagas.

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Parth Samthaan
Parth Samthaan

Parth Samthaan – The current talk of the town Parth Samthaan who is currently seen as the heartthrob Manik Malhotra in MTV’s Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan, has never worked in any saas-bahus sagas in his 3 years long career and is currently one of the most popular TV actor by working in a youth shows and episodics.

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