TV Actors Participate In The New Generation Of Advertising – PHOTO FEATURE

TV Actors And New Generation Of Advertising

Television over the past decade has become a medium which grew not only for content, style, execution, and talent but also for the audience reach as well.

TV Actors are playing a part in this process, and their increased engagement with brands, social media activities, live events with fans, celebrity guest events and flourishing content based career graphs have landed significant opportunities for advertising gigs for the small screen stars.

From Karan Tacker, Erica Fernandes to Pearl V Puri and Helly Shah, all these are just a few stars who have kept up their career graph diverse.

They have participated in advertising for others based on their stardom but also participated in brand auditions during the kickstart of their career in this industry. These latest advertising platforms are no longer just for television or ad units we view on websites.

These new advertising styles are on all mediums of technology and entertainment platforms, like TV, Instagram, Streaming services, and custom apps.

Let’s have a look at the latest ads featuring our most loved TV Actors.



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