TV Actors : Top 11 Performers From The 1st Week Of 2017 – IN PICS

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Shaheer Sheikh
Shaheer Sheikh

Shaheer Sheikh –

The actor has given some powerful scenes this week. No matter how weak Dev is as a character, Shaheer definitely makes him convincing and relatable with his emotional scenes.

This week the scene that deserve special mention would be the one in which Dev visits the temple to make his mother return back home.

Dev pleading Ishwari, telling how it has been he who lied to her and how much he loves Sonakshi would make you feel for Dev.

Also, the point wherein Ishwari gives him conditions to return back home and Dev’s unbelievable expressions to that, were commendable.

Shaheer performance in the last episode, in the romantic scenes were also as usual praiseworthy. Especially the comic relief he provided during the initial episode wherein Dev is shown to practice how to gift a flower to Sonakshi or even when he watches Sona in a gown with his open mouth, will make you laugh effortlessly. Later, the following Dev and Sona’s conversation cum argument, were made to look much real by the actor on screen.

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  1. Loved Erica in yesterday’s episode… this is her and want her to be this tigress always 😊. Wish she would be like this in front of irritating GKB and Ishwari as well-
    Shaheer was amazing as always

  2. Shaheli why are we not getting your comments on daily episodes of KRPKAB…. I Look forward to reading your article after every episode 😊

  3. Shaheer Sheikh has always excelled in any role given. He trys to get into the character and portrays perfectly. He did just a few of serials. Be him in Navyaa or Arjun in Mahabharat, there was all him and only him to watch. (I have seen him in these two and have become his fan).
    Potraying Dev Dikshit he has equally given his cent percent of efforts. Dev wasn’t that feeble character, but he can’t handle matters when family comes. Anyway, perfect 100%for Shaheer Sheikh for KuchRangPyarKeAiseBhi
    For gorgeous Erica Fernandes, she has ruled the show since yesterday..!! This was the anger and pain to be executed, worth watching.. Need more of her class performance..
    Thank you so much, Saheli 🌸


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