TV Actors : Top 9 Best Performers Of The Week – IN PICS


Here’s a look at the best performers on television from the last week’s episodes of daily soaps –

Divyanka Tripathi In Ye Hai Mohabbatein
Divyanka Tripathi In Ye Hai Mohabbatein

Divyanka Tripathi

This week’s Ye Hai Mohabbatein has delivered quite a number of spine chilling episodes.

With Ruhi being stubborn to marry Nikhil, Raman’s resolve to stop them and Ishita and Simmi’s fight, the episodes have been high on drama.

Divyanka Tripathi have been fabulous as Ishita on screen. Her scenes with Raman, Toshi, Simmi, Pihu, Ruhi would give goosebumps to any viewer.

As a mother of both Ruhi and Pihu, Ishita was seen going berserk and needless to say, Divyanka Tripathi’s performance surpasses any adjective.

Hats off to the artist who simply made Ishita look real and while feeling her motherly instincts, one would simply fall more in love with her.

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