TV Actors : Top 8 Performers Of The Week – October 4th Week 2016


There are no surprises this week in the performers list. The names have been pretty consistent since last few weeks and deserving so.

Every week they come up with something extra ordinary or something that blows our mind. It’s them who make it absolutely worth it.

If not for performers like them, TV viewing would have been so dead and stale. These performers totally brighten up our screens with their power packed performances always.

Without wasting much more time lets have a look at the performers of this week in viewers favorite and popular shows:

Jennifer Winget In Beyhadh
Jennifer Winget In Beyhadh

Jennifer Winget (Maya- Beyhadh)

This lady is such a show stopper. The whole show currently is revolving around her character and must we say a character so well and beautiful portrayed by this actor. She is proving to be the best casting done for the character of Maya.

She brings in such beautiful edges to her character. Makes you get intimidated by her one moment yet the next moment you feel like taking her for a hug and consoling her.

The layers of her character are being shed beautifully and Jennifer as Maya is at par excellence. She takes your whole attention and makes you want to know more.

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