TV Actors Who Have A Million Or More Followers On Instagram!


Television actors are becoming popular day by day. With the rapid inclusion of social media into the lives, many fans follow their favourite actors on social media to keep themselves updated.

While the number of followers in Instagram does not indicate the correct popularity, it definitely comes close. For when you are active on your social media handles, more people follow you and thus your fanbase increases.

Indian television has many beautiful actors who also have huge fan followings. Among these, there are some who have crossed the 1 million mark!

Here we present the telly actors who have one million or more followers on Instagram –

Zain Imam

RANKED 10 : Zain Imam

Zain Imam is the latest actor to reach the 1M mark. The actor who was a participant of Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 9, used to share fun filled pictures with his co-contestants from the sets.

Zain Imam was a part of Naamkarann this year which always kept him remain in the buzz. He also went on to do an episodic Laal Ishq.

Currently the actor has over 1 million followers on Instagram and we congratulate him for that.

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