TV Celebs : Setting Fire In Water – PHOTO FEATURE

TV Celebs
TV Celebs

“Aaj blue hai paani paani paani paani paani, Aur din bhi sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny, aajao article padhlo yaaro, feel hoga sad agar baat na maani”

We just altered the lyrics of a famous song “sunny sunny”. Seriously one will feel bad missing these stunning and gorgeous pictures of your favourite celebs.

Only these stars can ignite fire in water without any fuel. They have that much hotness in them. These stars have spread their aura in the water too.

Hop on this ride full of attractive, exquisite and amazing pictures of your stars setting fire in the water.

Caution: Your laptops, Desktops or mobile phones may heat up while viewing this feature.

Nakuul Mehta
Nakuul Mehta

Name: Nakuul Mehta

Posted On: Instagram

Posted By: Nakuul Mehta

Caption given by the actor:A little bit of VAN EEE TEA never killed nobody!

In a show, Shivaay was seen giving “Blush” lessons to Anika but we think his personality is enough to make anyone blush. This picture will surely make many cheeks red.

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  1. After seeing Nakuuls pic I was like fuze should make a new option in whats your reaction that’s hot make it fuze 🔥


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