TV Celebs Talk About How They Make Rains Special – From Playing Football, Cricket To Dancing, Cycling And Photography!


Rain brings lots of joyous moments with every drop of water. People love to go out and enjoy the rainy weather. The first drops of rain always bring a smile on our faces.

The smell of wet soil, the damp grass, and the slosh of puddles under our feet make us want to dance with wanton joy.

Rains make a heart go romantic. Ever danced in the rain? Indian Television Celebrities talk about how they make rains special!

Karan Patel
Karan Patel

Karan Patel:

Rains I love for one reason is that its a pleasant respite from heat in Mumbai also I don’t mind traffic jams during the rains as everything looks so beautiful and with music on and rain splashing, it feels perfect.

Niti Taylor

Niti Taylor:

Rains for me are the unplanned occasion to celebrate. I love enjoying rain with my family and friends. And whenever it use to rain my mom use to cook something very yummy of my choice.

But this rain I stay alone so will cook for myself like some hot snacks. I love enjoying rain with music, dance and fun shoot videos!

Akshay Mhatre

Akshay Mhatre:

I think rains are the perfect surprise gift god plans for us. I just love when it showers outside. When I’m with my gang we enjoy music, dance, food as in ‘Chai-Bhajiya’ and play cricket or football. Else when I’m alone I just get lazy and snooze with some soft music.

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