TV Characters : What If One Character Of TV Wrote Letters To Another Character?

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In today’s age of technology and communication to pen down and send a letter seems old school but yet letters are special and they are held close to our heart forever.

And since letters have an additional charm we thought why not write letters to your beloved TV characters. But the letters are with a twist.

The letters are from one character from one show to another character from a different show. Now we know you would like the twist!

So without further ado, here we go.

Kartik And Shivaay
Kartik And Shivaay

LETTER I – From Kartik To Shivaay

Dear Shivaay, hope when the letter finds you, it does not interrupt your Ishqbaazi with Anika. Shivaay, you have come far in love and have become the lover your beloved deserves.

I am glad you have become the sweet, tweet, cute Billu. Now don’t be angry at me for calling you cute.

I can’t call you HOT, right? So let’s leave the word ‘HOT’ to my friend, the Khidkitod Anika. And for me you have become cute in love.

You are now the devoted friend, lover, husband, prince charming, knight, for your lady love, just like I am to my Naira.

So WELCOME TO THE CLUB of being the perfect man for your woman. It is good to have you here.

The transition in you gives me tears of happiness. Keep it going my man, tadibaaz ishqbaaz!

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  1. This is an exceptional article 😍😍
    Loved Annika’s letter to Naira,Gauri’s letter to Chandni,Neil’s letter to Bhavya πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’•πŸ’•Shivaay’s letter to Ad was very sensible one 😊😊
    And waited desperately to read Shivaay’s letter to Dev.It was so heart touching 😌😌


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