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Indian TV heroes are adored and admired to bits by their admirers. The men folks of television have a huge fan following and these men make women go weak on their knees, with their style, personality, attitude they display on screen.

The men of reel life make girls/ women in real form an image and picture how their future husband should be. The men of television set husband goals ‘in real’.

Watching the characters, at some point or the other a female viewer is ought to say ‘wish he was my husband’. And these characters have qualities that can be taken advantage of thoroughly.

As a special feature today we have picked 5 prominent heroes and are penning down ‘The Advantage’ if you are married to that character, “supposedly”.

So without further ado, here we go.


Character – Shivaay Singh Oberoi

Advantage – He will cook the best food for you and be your best friend!

Show – Ishqbaaz


Who does not love a man who cooks like a pro? Such men are attractive and Shivaay is too.

The moment he juggles in the kitchen whipping hot chocolate, making ghee roasted aloo puri, making different cuisines from Indian to Continental to cooking a full meal or making dessert, the man is ‘perfect and flawless’  when it comes to his culinary skills.

Foodies/ non foodies out there if there is a ‘rat race’ rumbling your stomach for a delicious but healthy meal, Shivaay can shoo away your hunger pangs just by cooking!


You see it is the magic of his hands. And what more is that he is a good company too while you finish your food. He will be your best friend in need and in every deed.

This undoubtedly makes him the ‘MOST WANTED MAN’ for every woman who wishes her man cooks. So how about Shivaay be ‘Your Man’ (hypothetically of course)!

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