TV Heroes : Letters To Them Asking For Wishful Changes

TV Heroes
TV Heroes

Fuze yet again brings letters to our favorite male characters from our favorite shows asking for some wishful changes we hope and wish to see in them.

V Heroes
Manik Malhotra of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan

Dear Manik Malhotra (Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan)

We know you are hurt and are in pain these days as you can’t romance or try to kiss Nandini because you are apparently very angry with her and have broken up with her. For what? For betraying your trust? Really now? Just because a thought of you ever going to an extent of killing someone came to her mind? Now tell us, if at all someone tries to harm Nandini even a bit, won’t you go all bonkers and ready to kill that person?

How did Nandini betray your trust is what we are not able to understand. You know you are a very difficult guy to handle. That too with your extreme emotions and impulsive behavior any one will go mad or just runaway but your Nandini still stands by you taking every crap you throw at her just because she loves you too much and knows the real you.

Have some mercy on that poor girl who you happen to love beyond anything and everything and who has always shone for you. She is also a human at the end of the day just like you, who has all the rights to make mistakes and also get an apology. So please cut down with ego and try to understand your Nandini’s situation too.



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