TV Heroes : Meet The Most ‘GOOD’ Boys Of TV


Namik Paul As Shravan In Ek Duje Ke Vaaste
Namik Paul As Shravan In Ek Duje Ke Vaaste
Shravan (Ek Duje Ke Vaaste)

The one who looks so serious and then the very next minute he has a smile on his face that makes you smile. He surely has different shades and each of his shade amazes us. But at the end he is a guy that one girl would wish to have in her life.


  1. OMG In what way Kabir from Nisha aur uske cousins is gud boy he is the most worst character in TV He came to search for his brother bt what he has done he put a sindoor to an unknown starngers head and told lies to his mother he made fool of female lead Nisha was in love with Viraj but this man instead of playing cupid he only got married utter foolishness he told lies to his mother and both he and nisha told lies to their family and got contract marriage Hey bhagwan fan ho toh samaj mein aata hain but this reporter Niya itna fan hain ki pure blind hogayi kuch gud aur bad ka farak bhi samaj mein nahin aata woh itna bad character hain isliye toh feb 14th ko kabir enter kiya june ko show bandh hogaya koi aise deela characters ke dekhthe hain kya even mishkat must be feeling bad to play such bakwaas characters and this girls want such type of hero bhagwan bachaye yeh silly stupid girls ko

    • ok so apparently helping out a little lost child is a bad move… and helping a best friend is a horrible thing… i didnt knew that thank u for letting me know… lieing to ur mother because u wanted to find ur roots and she didnt get hurt is utterly disgusting hai na… and nisha is so naive that she can easily forget her undying love for viraj the person who even didnt bother to listen to her side of story… yes just so horrendeous i tell u… and when someone hooked them up forcefully then a childish step is a big crime… i see ur point there… u actually opened my eyes today…. oh god m so greatfull… (pls note the sarcasm if u cant get it… which i highly doubt here)

    • Kabir entered in feb and serial shut shop in june? Viraj entered in november and they changed the lead in feb due to lack of chemistry? 5 months is still better than three months? no?

    • Uma I can actually c hw much u luv & admire viraj d character. It actually reflects in ur words.LOL.
      How do u manage to spread soo much negativity????


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