TV Heroes : Meet The Most ‘GOOD’ Boys Of TV


TV Heroes - Meet The Most 'GOOD' Boys Of TV

No matter what a girl will always wish to have a good guy in her life, not only in looks but he should be good at heart too. Have a look at some GOOD boys of Tellywood –

Gautam Rode As Saraswati Chandra Vyas
Gautam Rode As Saraswati Chandra Vyas
Saras (Saraswatichandra)

He was respectful towards his elders and was always fulfilling all his responsibilities. He was not only an ideal son and brother; he was the perfect husband too. No one could have a single complain against him. He was perfect.

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  1. My personal favorites are Saraswatichandra Vyas and Shravan Malhotra. Loved Gautam Rode as Saras. He was not perfect at all, (unlike what the article says). He tried to be perfect in his relationships. Be it as a son, brother, friend, lover or husband. He always meant well, even when he failed at things, and that is what I loved about Saras. But the way he loved Kumud? Made him a dreamboat!

    Coming to Shravan….same applies. He has had many shades. But he is still a good guy, and he loves Suman sincerely and wants the best for her. He is definitely life partner material and the way Namik Paul plays him makes him even more interesting and appealing!


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