VOTE NOW : Which TV Jodi Has The BEST TASHAN Baazi Scenes Right Now?

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TV Jodis
TV Jodis

Tashan baazi scenes are favorite among viewers. We viewers love to see those love-hate, nok jhoks and challenges between leading on-screen couples.

From Shivaay-Anika, Arnav-Khushi, Dev-Sonakshi, Shaurya-Mehek, Pratham-Gauri, Nupur-Mayank, Armaan-Riddhima, Asad-Zoya for example have given audiences a spark to become their “shipper”.

Today we’re interested in knowing about our readers’ preferences. Which on-screen couple do you all think has the best tashan baazi scenes right now. Which couple has managed to make you laugh, cry and fall in love them?

This poll is open till 8th of June!

Which TV Jodi Has The BEST TASHAN Baazi Scenes Right Now?

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  1. yeee….IshRa won these one also….yeppeeee….no one can beat IshRa and Divan…keep rocking gys…love uuuuuuuuu….

  2. Offcourse Ishita-Raman….they truely diserves that…best on screen jodi is “IshRa”…Now and always Ishita-Raman…

  3. Yippee Ishra won this one too 😍😍😍😍shows they are still the best 😉😉😉 no one can come close to them… Keep rocking DivAn 😘😘😘

  4. Ishra not going to win this time look at the votes. Dissapointed this time with the votes. There is too much going on shivika,hate them literally i used to like them but now uffff fed up

  5. Where are all the avneil fans? For all this you guys will not come and vote? Pls vote only for avneil not for anyone else…wake up guys come on!


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