TV Jodis : Bollywood Songs That Perfectly Fit The Current Tracks Of These Love Stories!

With every film new songs are brought to light and the songs are hum worthy. Every TV Jodi who capture the hearts of their viewers happen to have their ‘own song’ and the song becomes the anthem for fans who follow their favourite on screen jodi religiously.

But how would it seem if the on screen jodis on Indian television are given a Bollywood song for a change? We guess the Bollywood songs too would add a new dimension to your favourite jodi’s story. When we gave Bollywood songs and onscreen TV jodis and their on-going track a thought, an idea struck us. We thought why not give the jodis of TV a Bollywood song based on the phase the characters and the jodis are in currently?!

We have handpicked 6 Bollywood songs which we feel are an apt fit to your favourite 6 TV jodis based on the situation they are currently enveloped in.

So without further ado, here we go.

Show – Naamkarann

Jodi – Avni And Neil

Song – Ghar

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Film – Jab Harry Met Sejal

Neil and Avni’s life in Naamkarann is all set to go for a toss with Avni being shown the door in Neil’s absence. While it is heart breaking for Neil and Avni, the upcoming phase is just going to get tougher for the two of them.

The song ‘Ghar’ from Jab Harry Met Sejal sung in the amazing voices of Mohit Chauhan and Nikhita Gandhi as its lyrics go ‘Khali Hai Jo Tere Bina, Main Woh Ghar Hoon Tera’ will be apt for them.

After getting separated, the house they built on their friendship and trust will crumble down to pieces leaving them empty.

Yet home is where heart resides and they are home for each other. The song is an apt fit for AvNeil who seek their lost home, dreams and heart.

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