TV Jodis : The Most Confusing Relationships On TV – Here’s How These Characters Baffle You!


These days while watching Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi, Ishqbaaz or Beyhadh, do you feel like a baffled viewer? Are you confused about the relationship or rather mental status of the lead characters? Well, believe us, we are equally confused.

So go on, take a look and read about the inconsistent thoughts about the protagonists of the three shows. And before going forward, bear in mind that this article is only for little dose of laughter. It doesn’t intend to hurt anyone’s POV and definitely doesn’t question the stories of the respective shows.

So without further ado, here you go –


1. Ishqbaaz-

Currently the fans of the show have been in such a great bubble of Shivika la la land but seems like for a few, yesterday Anika herself did ‘oh my mata’ of the entire fantasy dwindling in the viewer’s mind, regarding the two.

As Anika said that she loves Shivay but she knows that he doesn’t love her back and she doesn’t want to let go of this FRIENDSHIP that has bloomed between the two!


We would like to ask you Anika dearie, what does it take to differentiate between and a ‘pyar karne wala pati’ and a friend? As far as we have had a bunch of male friends in our lives, none of them, romantically ever pulled us closer and gave “three” kisses and on top none has ever even asked us if we felt any ‘dard’.


Infact I never heard any of them saying ‘Please let me watch my beautiful wife for a moment’!! But yes, instances like these, we have always heard of from our married friends who, like love struck lovers keep on gushing about how their husbands keep on finding ways to flirt with them.


Anyway, you indeed ‘friend zone’ him Anika ji and then you go on to challenge Mr. SSO to confess that he has become an Ishqbaaz! Since when did you start getting confused between the words ‘Dosti’ and Ishq’? Seems like either you or writers are getting high on medicines too much or you love to spread “raita” of viewers’ brain!

Also, if our neural cells are still in proper functioning mode then we clearly remember an old scene between Shivaay and Anika in which Shivaay asks for Anika’s surname and she was unable to tell any.

There was another scene in which Shivaay insults her and throws her out of the house taunting her as ‘Yatim and Sadakchaap’. But now suddenly he doesn’t know that Anika is an orphan. Where is Shivaay’s common sense? Why this hoopla regarding the same all of a sudden, is beyond our understanding. How we wish Pinky had fed almonds to Billu ji in bachpan, they are good for memory they say!

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