TV Jodis : Here Are 5 TV Jodis Who We Think Can Be Perfect Cast For Television Remake Of Romeo Juliet

Asmita Sood and Pearl V Puri

The famous Shakespeare’s play ‘Romeo – Juliet’ was all about two young star crossed lovers whose death ultimately reconciled their feuding families. Today we bring you the TV jodis who can be a perfect cast for television remake of Romeo Juliet-

Pearl V Puri and Asmita Sood
Pearl V Puri and Asmita Sood

Pearl V Puri And Asmita Sood – This new found jodi of tellyland is already enchanting the viewers with their love -hate relationship. Apart from this, we definitely think that this pair of entirely fresh new faces would be able to cast that romantic spell, considering their sizzling chemistry on screen already.

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  1. Much awaited ????
    Love to watch Karan Wahi n Nia Sharma ‘s amazing chemistry …
    I knw KarNia will Rock ??????


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