TV Jodis Whom You Would Make To Elope At Present Situation!


TV Jodis Whom You Would Make To Elope At Present Situation

Running away is never a solution; it is known to be a cowardly act. However, sometimes it’s just better to run far away from lunatics and morons around you and live a peaceful life with your own people and loved one.

In the recent times, there are some of our favorite jodis who honestly are going through lots of stress because of their own family members and totally don’t deserve it for they have always done and wished the well for others.

One can only do so much good and take in so much disrespect and disregard in return. How we wish to help these jodis elope somewhere far into a happy space.

Harman And Saumya From Shakti
Harman And Saumya From Shakti

Harman and Saumya (Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki)

Drama and dramatic people around them just doesn’t cease to exist. Here we have Harman who is worried sick about Saumya and hoping she is fine, on one hand we have the Kinnar community who are hell bent on making Saumya become like them and on the other hand his mother is all set to commit suicide to emotionally black mail him. Tell you the mothers of Indian telly this year have been making a total misuse of their children’s love for them. Harman and Saumya should runaway together far off from these lot. Such ‘zaalim duniya’, poor HaYa, we really feel for them.

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