TV Jodis : Top 4 Best Love Moments From Last Night’s Episodes!


Last night we got to see some really awe worthy and beautiful yet intense love moments between some of our favorite on screen TV jodis.

These moments describes their real equation with each other, their feelings and of course the intense love and emotions they have for and share with each other.

Some where the love has been realized, while some are in the process of it. However, we can’t get over the various emotions they made us feel last night in the moments they shared.

Lets have a look at the Top 4 best love moments between these TV Jodis which still has us dreaming about them:

Shaheer Sheikh and Erica Fernandes
Shaheer Sheikh and Erica Fernandes

Dev and Sonakshi – Mr & Mrs Dixit You Guys Are ‘The Best’!

It’s the strength and understanding they provide each other in their relationship which makes us all love them so much. There is a lot going on in Dixit house hold. These newly weds after so many festivities are finally getting time to spend with each other, however, it happens sometimes that in our own happiness we forget the issues faced by other family members.

DevAkshi in their happiness somewhere didn’t realise that their sister is going through marital issues (albeit because of her own reasons), but when they did, they cancelled their honeymoon.

Poor Dev on one side is guilty of neglecting his sister’s sorrows and at the same time he knows he is being unfair to Sona, albeit unintentionally. But why does he have to fear when he has Sona with him? His family is hers as much as his now. Forget him, even she wouldn’t or cannot enjoy if her family member is in trouble or not happy.

No matter what problem it is, their promise to face it all together and fight it is what keeps them strong and moving and makes their love grow stronger.

The last hug of thanks, support, togetherness and love is what made it the most amazing moment for us.

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