TV Jodis : Top 4 Picture Perfect Scenes Of The Week!

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A picture speaks thousand words and in a picture thousands of smiles are stored. Pictures often talk about the cherished unforgettable memories. Indian TV shows week after week dish out some moments and scenes which deserve to be framed and treasured forever.

When the moments from the TV shows are captured as pictures, the pictures became a keepsake. TV jodis on screen make the moment magical and the picture, a picture perfect moment.

In the week that went by there were 4 scenes featured on screen which fit the criteria of being picture perfect. These pictures speak for the moments shared and shown in itself and indeed every picture has a tale to tell.

A picture often in Indian TV shows is the captured moment of a tale that tells a story in itself. So here’s presenting the top 4 picture perfect scenes of the week. And it is our guarantee you cannot just look away from them –


The Tale Of The Sun, The Everlasting Hug With Shivaay – Anika

Enveloped in each others arms, not out of fear but it was a heartfelt hug shared by Shivaay and Anika. The love they have for one another brimming to the full and beyond in their hearts, the moment where Anika and Shivaay are lost in the cocoon and comfort of each other’s arms, it can be classified to nothing less than ‘being picture perfect’.

If this picture moment of Shivaay and Anika is not perfect, than we wonder what is? As the rays of Sun is flashing its warmth on Shivaay and Anika, the moment indicates new beginnings for the two of them.

The warmth of the sun, the feelings in their heart, the peace on their faces refusing to die down and the moment of holding onto each other in a protective hold, the everlasting hug that spoke volumes, everything just screams ‘picture perfect’ for this ShivIka scene!

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