TV Jodis – Which ‘I Love You’ Scene Was The Best According To You? – VOTE


Every Indian TV show has a confession scene. And confessions are always special. The moment when the hero or heroine profess their love, those moments are etched in the viewer’s hearts.

The confession of the three magical words ‘I love you’ stays in the audience mind and hearts for always and forever.

Every television viewer has a favourite I love you scene from daily soaps which they can never forget.

Here is your chance. Make a choice and VOTE for the ‘I love you’ scene which was the best according to you.


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  1. Pta nhin kyun star plus and gul ma’am ko dikhta nhin how much we love arshi, sarun agr wo wpis ajayen toh show ki trp kitni agey jygi pr phr b 😭😭😭wo unhe wpis nhin la rhey

  2. ‘I love you damn it’ came out of Arnav’s mouth so spontaneously as if it was an explanation even to himself of what was going on with himself about Khushi. He always knew how much he loved Khushi and how he had no power to stop loving Khushi and how he could not live without Khushi but things kept happening to keep them apart, people, particularly Dadi. The architect of his own destiny everything and everyone including Khushi had to understand that this love for Khushi was integral to his being and that is why he did all he was doing especially that night – why could they not understand and why was Khushi insisting on the rituals? This declaration of love came from the heart, from the depth of Arnav’s being, no doubt better than any words could do.

  3. La plus belles dΓ©claration d’amour pure et romain.tique c bien celle arrnav a sa kushi bien aimΓ©e

  4. Even there cant be any comparison between ARSHI’s scene and others as in everything! ARSHI’s scene is the best, incomparable πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  5. One and only our shivikas confession that no one can beat them never ever in any kind of there scenes chemistry their love care romance everything cant judge by votes or numbers they are so much beyond from the article s just no words to the say era of our shivika no polls are results can justified what our shivika is shivikas not only confession scene there every every moment is so so perecious in our life that even words can never describe counting them in the numbers in actually in no 1 is also not fine just one word to say that #shivika is the best best best best no one can never ever compare them loved them watching their chemistry its like magic and mesmerizing their acting keeps me goosebumps loved them respect them with my heart my#shivika #narbhi rocks love yu superstars😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  6. Only ArShi propose of Arnav was best to his Khushi that I LOVE YOU DAMMIT πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’–πŸ˜‹πŸ’˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

  7. #YehUnDinoKiBaatHai..
    the best “I Love You” by #SamainaπŸ’—πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
    It was , is and will be the most innocent, tenderest, sincerest and freshest Love confession on screen without hype and any flirting πŸ˜˜πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ’—πŸŒΉ

  8. Zurich ki hawayein bhi gavah uss pyaare aur sacche proposal ki. He just pour his heart out. 26″ I love u “‘s and not only saying them but shadi ke baad bhi usse nibhana, thats wht we call a true love. Woh 13 min, jisne aaj na sirf kaira ko but shivin ko bhi unke sacche life partner se mila diya h. Kaira’s love is epic. So their proposal was.

  9. Always n forevever AvNeil πŸ’‘πŸ˜β€
    They both accepted each other the way they are..
    Avni despite of knowing neil has child she has supported him throughout n neil knowing Avni’s past n how she is his dialogue “I love u the way you are mrs.Avni Neil khanna ” will b remembered forever

  10. The one and only the best and unique confession was Dev and Sonkashi from KRPKAB. Till date on Indian TV or Film we haven’t seen confession like ” I LOVE YOU AS A MAN LOVES A WOMAN” VERY SIMPLE AND NATURAL WAY THEY HAD POURED THEIR LOVE. (NOT LIKE OTHER SHOWS PROPOSALS). THAT’S WHY THE SHOW WAS DIFFERENT THAN ANY OTHER SHOWS VERY NATURAL AND OUR DAILY LIFE STORY.

  11. I guess you know things better Fuze…
    Well having being acclaimed from so many critics ,it makes things even more clear… That it has and always been Kuch Rang s confession…
    And Aashi s rgt the ranking should be here for Two not one… Coz one belongs to Kuch Rang…😍😍😍

  12. Kaira’s I love you was the best! It’s still the most unique proposal ever and the most emotional one to be made in ITV. Kartik locked his love for Naira inside his heart for so long and when the right time came he shout out ‘I love you’ to her 26times to make her see and realised how desperately and deeply he really loves her.

  13. The most romantiC I love U was ShivIka’s.
    The most Cutest I love U was IshRa ‘s
    The most adorable I Love U was SamAina ‘s.
    I love these trio Love Confession Scene From the bottom of my heart πŸ–€. .these were the bestest ways to say I love U πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜πŸ˜

  14. Of course Avneil, no one is better than them. The understanding, selflessness, love and trust between them is the world’s best thing.They support each other in every situation.Thay have faced a lot of problems.Their each moment is the best.I love you …Avneil my adiza😊😊

  15. Avneil……
    Their love is pure…it also highlights the selflessness of avni who despite of knowing neil already had a child accepted him whole heartedly…… whereas other women would yell n scream at the male which would separate them….

  16. Planning and proposal is not always necessary just a surprise proposal from heart can touch audience heart . Kaira proposal will be the best in the telly wood may it be the kartik proposing naira in Swiss or naira proposing kartik in India without any preparation or romantic background. It’s only there love and the presence of each other. Kartik proposal is historic and epic where he says 26 times I love you to naira. Can there is any competition for this. Kaira are best and everything related to them is best

  17. Well there’s no competition here at all. All television critics and reviewers had unanimously declared Dev’s “I love you as a man loves a woman” to be the best love confession/proposal ever on Indian TV. Fuze too has listed it as the finest confession scene in so many of their previous articles. So basically no competition for the 1st place. The list in this case begins from postion 2 because position 1 undisputedly belongs to Kuch Rang’s confession.

    • Well said Aashi…
      The proposal was real as if we are seeing someone in front of us….no romantic setup….no background songs…. balloons and all…..
      Dev’s words were from his heart….
      I still remember each and every word of that episode…. EPISODE 76….😊….and it has almost 8 million views on YouTube….so indisputably we are the winner…
      The votes may be low cos KRPKAB fans may have left following fuze after the end of our beautiful show!….but the fuze people never forget to include our show in every spl article!!
      Thanku fuze for bringing back all those beautiful memories….

  18. Who can forget that legendary I love you damnit from IPKKND.It was not a planned one it was not a romantic setup made by the male lead to propose to his lady love the beauty of this scene was when Khushi couldn’t understand the reason for the romantic advances of arnav and he couldn’t make her understand his want for her the words I LOVE YOU DAMNIT rolled from his mouth.

  19. ‘Avneil’
    As at that time Avni understand Neil’s feelings..his situation..supported her..accepted his past
    Neil understood how much selfless Avni can be and how much understanding is she
    Avneil is loveπŸ’˜πŸ’˜
    Their and supporting one can beat them..they are the best!!!❀❀❀❀❀❀😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
    My life is “AvNeil”
    And no one could’ve portray them better than “AdiZa”


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