TV Jodis : The Popular Nicknames Of Small Screen

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After Hollywood’s Branjelina and Bollywood’s Abhiwarya or Saifeena, monikers are now trending among the leading pairs on television. Monikers, or nicknames, are given to a person or persons in order to address them in a lovingly identifiable way. In this case, a moniker replaces the need to use two separate names for a single unit of people. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular monikers of today. Click through the slides to go through the most popular nicknames.

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  1. Really miss my ARVI sooo much. Miss their magical chemistry. Whenever the song DKMSK & Tum Hi Hho is heard, the picture comes to mind is one and only my ARVI. Hope to see Rithvik & Asha together in a new show.

  2. their is only one universe then only one jodi to whom whole world is missing and they are our valuable diamond like KHOHINOOR .please bring them back for forevernot only for one show but again and again in all show .and they are our RAGNA/ASHNA ……FOR EVER LOVE THEM MADELY

  3. Ragna.. <3 <3
    They always create a magic onscreen.. missing them sooo badlyyy.. wanna see them again on onscreen..

  4. I miss Ragna so much, hope to see them both again on screen…..Love you Aashish Chaudhary (Raghav Singhania) and Rachana Parulkar (Kalpana Kalpi, Jadhav)..Their chemistry is magic on screen.

  5. AshNa (Ashish Chowdhryn Rachana Parulkar) as RagNa the most beautiful n magical couple of the world.. they define love beautifully n give new meaning 2 em somuch..n we ashna fans would like 2 c em back as our lovable RagNa in EMA SEASON 2 or new shows..

  6. one N only our Ragna the magical chemistry., king & Qeun of our Heart one can beat them no one the one N only our Ragna ..Ashish Chowdhry N Rachna S Parulker. the fab couple in Indean tv duniya awesome only Ragna Forever

  7. Without any doubt its only RagNa….no body else. Awesome Jodi forever…. Lovely Jodi forever…. Best Jodi forever.

  8. Always RAGHNA – No one take their place in our heart. they are magical, mesmerised by their acting – sorry- live in their role – we still can not get over – dont want to get over from our lovely RAGHNA-RAGHAV-KALPANA
    ASHISH -RACHANA-ASHNA as we fondly called them. within 7 month they become a part of our life . come back ASHNA we really miss you-

  9. It’s only raghav and kalpi..RAGNA – ASHNA is always in with us in our whole life. They become part of our life..They live in our hearts and always will.. no one can match or compete with this jodi..V became die-hard fans of them bcoz of their awesme acting and magical chemistry…. When Kalpi and Raghav look at each other v can actually feel the amazing chemistry. RAGNA jodi the best couple, so much loved n appreciated by the viewers that v wish 2 c them back together on a show as a leads, as couple…


  10. Premeer/Harshiti of Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil my Alltime, Everytime Favourite Jodi on Tv Ever. Missing them soo much….hope they come back together in a New show.

  11. RagNa forever. But can you please take the 1st picture out? Don’t want to see the Kamala or Paakhi along with RagNa


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