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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai Highlights Of The Day :

– The episode begins where it ended yesterday. Naina is confident she will convince Sameer, when Sameer walks in.

– Sameer makes it clear he is taking part in the contest only for Munna and Pandit.

– Sameer, Naina and gang try to zero down on the song they will be performing on the freshers day.

– Kartik and his friends are prepping in full swing for the freshers contest.

– Sameer chooses Preeti as his dance partner for the contest. And he declares barring one person he will dance with anyone.

– Naina takes Sameer’s shoes and declares she will not return it unless he agrees to dance with her. Naina leaves.

– Sameer tells his friends whatever he is doing it is for Naina’s good.

– Sameer collides with Kartik and they have an argument. Kartik’s friend snatches Sameer’s keys and makes a run for it.

– Sameer runs to get his keys back, he runs barefoot and his foot feels the burnt of the heat.

– Feeling Sameer’s pain, Naina returns his shoes.

– Sameer is successful in taking his keys from Kartik and his gang.

– Naina feels hurt but she is not ready to give up.

– Naina decides to break Sameer’s zid and she is ready with a plan.

– Naina keeps walking ahead determined, while Sameer keeps looking at her staying hidden.

– The precap highlights Sameer and Naina slapping each other.

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