TV Shows And Their Highlights Of The Day – 24th May 2018!

TV Shows

Indian TV shows are always buzzing with happening and exciting twists and turns.

Know what happened in your favourite shows on 24th May 2018.


Bepannaah Highlights Of The Day :

– Zoya decides to dance with Aditya and the paper dance begins.

– Aditya and Zoya continue to dance, while other couples get disqualified. Rajvir keeps a close watch on them.

– For the final round Aditya lifts Zoya up and sways with her. They win the contest.

– Rajvir tells Aditya and Zoya they can go to any extent for their love. Mahi stays hidden and keeps observing Aditya and Zoya.

– Sagarika insists Zoya and Aditya feed each other, Aditya makes an escape from the situation leaving the table.

– Rajvir has called Mr. Hooda to the same restaurant for a meeting. Aditya spots Mr. Hooda and collides with the waiter who is taking Strawberry cake to Zoya on Mahi’s insistence.

– Face fully covered with the cake’s cream, Aditya takes Zoya and walks out of the restaurant. When Zoya asks him why he did it, he tells her Mr. Hooda was there.

– Aditya starts having allergic reactions because of the strawberries. Zoya gives him a tonic asking him to take two spoons after 2 hours.

– Back at home Aditya starts having the tonic syrup as though it is a juice and he finishes the whole bottle.

– With the overdose of the medicine, Aditya is a little tipsy. He arrives at Zoya’s home and enters her room through the window.

– Zoya first gets scared and shouts, later realizes it is Aditya and he has had the full bottle of tonic.

– Zoya and Aditya have a sweet banter.

– Zoya hides Aditya when Mahi and her mother come knocking on the door listening to Zoya’s scream. Zoya gives them an excuse that she saw a scary nightmare.

– Zoya comes back to Aditya requesting him to leave. Aditya in the tipsy state goes into the emotional zone and expresses his hurt to Zoya, asking her why Pooja cheated. Aditya is vulnerable.

– Both Aditya and Zoya feel the pinch of the hurt.

– The precap highlights Aditya sneaking out of Zoya’s room from the window and Rajvir clicks their pictures. Aditya tells Zoya his suspicions about Rajvir!

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