TV Shows That Cashed In On Big Fat Weddings On Screen!

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In real life, one has to spend a lot of cash on a big fat wedding but in reel life, it’s like an investment. You spend less and earn more. It would not be wrong to say that most of the television shows have made a joke of marriage.

Marriage is not Maggie noodles but some makers do not understand this. They show instant wedding between the leads and the next moment, leads refuse to accept each other giving birth to a long track of accepting each other and eventually falling in love with each other.

Anyways, there are so many shows on television that have cashed in on the wedding tracks.

Let’s have a look at them.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai – Undoubtedly, Star Plus’ Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai tops the list because this show is actually famous for it’s wedding tracks.

Currently, Kartik and Naira’s wedding track is on and must say, it’s one of the most long stretched tracks so far.

Even Akahara and Naitik’s wedding was not this much stretched. The show has had so many weddings in the past eight years which includes even Maharaj ji’s wedding.

Sometimes, it feels as if the makers actually dig out the bachelors in the story just to get them married and why not? After all, the wedding tracks have always turned out to be very fruitful for the show.

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  1. Love Kaira
    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is the best show

    Though Kaira wedding track has been going for months now but it still doesn’t feel stretched.

  2. Hi Anshika !! Loved your article.I am so glad you wrote this piece on the ridiculous and disgusting concept of forced marriges and then a subsequent hate love track where the leads eventually fall for each other.I have watched a few of these shows.Ishqbaaz was my favourite show but I stopped watching after the horrendous forced marriage of Shivika.How can a girl even stay with a man after she is forced to marry through physical and verbal abuse of the worst kind ? I like Kaira’s wedding because it’s a normal and realistic love marriage but as you said they have dragged it too much.My favourite wedding is Devakshi’s wedding in KRPKAB.Not just their marriage but even their love story is the most beautiful and realistic love story I have seen in a long time.The makers have done a splendid job with their story.Beyhadh too is a very good show and the marriage was realistic but over-dramatized, it was nonetheless better than the other nonsensical weddings you have talked about.

      • Hey, Sarah! I haven’t watched DevAkshi’s wedding and don’t even follow YRK2H so, I have no idea what’s so relatable and lovable about them but if you are saying so., it definitely would have something relatable. Also, I absolutely agree with you on Ishqbaaz’s horrendous wedding. That kind of track just made me question if the writer was sane when scripting it. Shivaay and Anika’s marriage showed the regressive mentality of the writer. There was no creativity at all. But then, can we expect anything good and original when it comes to 4Lions? Answer is, a Big NO! It all started with IPKKND. Arnav married Khushi forcefully though he did not harm her but he did threaten her. It was still bearable because unlike Shivaay, Arnav didn’t insult Khushi in front of the world or his family members in fact, when Khushi was slapped by her Mom (if I remember correctly,) Arnav stopped her n with authority, said, she is now, his wife and no one can behave with her like that. Arnav was 1000% better. But apparently, 4Lions just want to cash in on that character. SSO is the third class version of ASR. TBH, I can’t stand 4Lions shows because if you notice, they have just one story to tell with some added characters and even more butchered male lead. Observe it yourself – IPKKND, Qubool Hai and now. ishqbaaz. — Same storyline with just additional characters and few changes here and there. I have watched IPKKND from first epi till the end, loved it but couldn’t stand QH n IB. Not my cup of tea, buddy!

        • Thank you so much for replying dear.I’m glad we have progressive writers like you who are blunt and truthful rather than just going gaga over the chemistry of a lead pair.Ishqbaaz is currently just this-surviving on the lead pair’s chemistry.This fake Shivaay track which they have started recently again makes no sense.Well even I don’t follow YRKKH.I have read a few fuzion articles on Kaira and I got an idea that it isn’t a forced marriage atleast.I have followed Devakshi though.They were gf-bf, had a break up but eventually patched up and had a lovely wedding.What could be more beautiful than watching a couple madly in love having a beautiful wedding after a painful break up ? It was a very normal wedding with no nonsensical planning and plotting by anyone.It was a ‘2 States Wedding’ with a little bit of cultural issues as you would expect, but nothing more than that.You could watch it on YouTube if you want.Having said that KRPKAB has also become very monotonous and boring over the last month or so.Lastly I too loved IPKKND.That’s the only Gul Khan show I like.I cannot stand Ekta and Gul otherwise.Thank you so much for interacting with me.It was lovely to hear from you.I would love to read more articles written by you.

          • Hey Sarah.Loved your views regarding forced marriages.Just like you I too have never watched YRKKH but accidently reading a few articles I came to know that it’s a love marriage.Your line-“most beautiful and realistic love story in a long long time” perfectly sums up Devakshi.You have described Devakshi beautifully in this one sentence.Everything about Devakshi before the leap was so unique and original….nothing was cliched.The best thing was that all their wedding rituals were completed in just 3-4 episodes…no dragging at all.However as you say the post leap story has become monotonous with devakshi fighting like kids over the last month.I hope the makers change this track asap.
            Have a good day.


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