TV Shows : The Top 3 OMG Moments Of The Week – IN PICS

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Have you ever come across scenes on TV that have made you exclaim ‘Oh My God!’ the moment you came across them? We are sure you did. Even we came across such moments on screen that appeared comically OMG to us.

We not only just said ‘OMG’ while watching those scenes, but also laughed later after processing what exactly we saw!

Take a look at three such moments on screen that made to the list of this OMG moments.


SSO’s Black Eyes – OMG Where’s Our Kanji Aankh Waala Gone? (Ishqbaaz)

That was surely an OMG moment when the fake SSO’s lens came out and we could see this one black eye instead of our regular dose of ‘Kanji Aankhein’.

As much as it was a shocking moment, it would literally give you goosebumps and make you stare at the black eye wondering what must have happened to the original SSO!

The staunch difference between the two eyes, was scary as well. We can’t deny that somehow we were desperately searching for the known ‘Kanji Aankhein’ while staring at that black lens.

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