TV Shows Whose Central Plot Revolved Around ‘OBSESSION’ In 2016!


The theme of the shows this year certainly has been dominated by a lot many ‘Obsessed’ characters or central plots that revolved around ‘Obsession’ of the pivotal characters.

Its amazing how we got to see and are getting see such different types of obsession on screen and how plots and stories are being weaved around it.

Indian Television just took a step forward by going beyond the usual cliche story lines and trying something different and new yet keeping the usual essence intact.

Everyone has some or the other kind of obsession in this world. Either to a thing, action or a person etc. But its the extent and intensity that varies and define you as a person.

Obsession is mostly taken in an negative aspect, however, that also depends on situation and what kind of Obsession it really is. Of course the extent and intensity also matters and is taken under consideration.

Dev and Ishwari pooja
Dev and Ishwari

Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi

Ishwari (Supriya Piglonkar) is classic case of possessiveness or insecurity turned into obsession or vice versa. All these are central characteristics of her character which is not only towards her son Dev, but to everything and everyone that’s hers.

The female is highly resistant to any kind of change. She likes control over things that were predominantly hers. It makes her highly uncomfortable when even a slightest change is being made to them.

For instance, if her children start appreciating someone else’s food, it wouldn’t be taken that well by her, considering she has always been the best for her kids. The whole show revolves majorly around Ishwari’s character dynamics and her equations.

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